This Is JoDee

JoDee had a wonderful life. 

Then she did drugs.

Now she is in the hospital being told 100x a day how to use the call button and asking me what day it is.

Her family is worried and I don’t want to leave her alone. She has weakness and numbness on her right side. But because drug addiction is such a mother fucker, this will probably not be the last scare we have.

Don’t do drugs. 

Don’t be JoDee.


One thought on “This Is JoDee

  1. chris says:

    The stress I imagine must be horrendous. I am hoping she will come to her senses. My Jake was very ill in January 2016 ,I honestly thought he had turned a corner. Jake as you know is no more. Tell Jo Dee dont be like Jake.
    Love to you both
    chris in UK


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