Everything Opposite

Everything Opposite

I am concerned about jinxing myself, as I have stated before. So, in an attempt to trick karma/the universe/whoever decides what is jinxable, this is opposite day. I am not saying that everything I am going to write is the not true but merely insinuating that readers should think of these statements as contradictory to real life.  Let’s begin.

  1. The house move is going splendidly. Very organized and well thoughts out. Not at all crazed and confused.
  2. I can’t wait to move into our new house which I love. So much. Love it.
  3. I was not at all upset when a tiny pebble, a miniscule little stupid fleck of a rock flew out of nowhere making a quarter size cracks in my windshield. I laughed. I wasn’t mad. I definitely did not swear.
  4. I am so looking forward to Christmas. I cannot wait for the fun which some might interpret as chaos and worthy of self mutilation, but not me. I am grinning ear to ear.
  5. I am not at all easing my stress and aggravation with retail therapy in the form of online shopping. I do not have so many packages and boxes stacked in my bedroom that Diego scared the crap out of me when he jumped on them in the middle of the night causing the entire stack to fall over on to my bed and on to the exact spot that I was sleeping in.
  6. I am looking forward to all the wrapping I have to do. I simply can’t wait.

And lastly, since it’s OPPOSITE day and you should consider this to be CONTRARY, I will say JoDee is doing, ugh, so bad. Horrible. Can’t stand having her at home. Such a drag. We don’t laugh and laugh and laugh until she snorts which makes me laugh more. She is not behaving, and following the rules and cleaning up after herself. And she looks like crap. She does not have absolutely clear and beautiful skin and put some weight on. She does not look so healthy that it’s hard not to stare at her and she doesn’t seem happy at all.

I won’t go on and on about all the contradictory things that have been going on. I definitely am not treasuring this time. Not at all. No way.



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