Twas The Day After Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas, when all through my head,

Were thoughts of thanks that I killed no one dead.

Some presents open, some left by the tree w/care,

So when she comes home, they will all be there.


Christmas Eve, I had vision of her scared and alone inside her cell,

which meant I was up all night, and didn’t sleep well.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to hug her or give her a slap

I wondered my house pondering where I went wrong and feeling like a sap


Christmas from the past were my food for thought

And I think about last time we spoke, or shall I say fought

This Christmas was different, for that I know for sure

What I wanted more than anything could not be bought at a store.


The child I dreamt of, the little girl I raised was long gone

I should have seen it earlier, when she was first withdrawn

But I ignored the signs, and told myself lies

And now I pray she recovers before she dies.


Prayers are all we have, the Christmas Season

If we are honest with ourselves, that is a good reason.

I may be sad that she is away, locked up and not with us,

However, I can’t overlook our fortune that she is on earth, nonetheless.


Others have not been so lucky, the succumb to the beast

Heroin grabs a hold and doesn’t let go until the soul is released.

But, if one more person tells me it could have be worse,

I swear to all that is holy, they will need a hearse.


Heroin has not killed my child yet,

And without recovery there is no safety net.

You use, you die, you use, you lose, you use, it’s over,

For all of us, it’s a miserable, unacceptable hostile takeover.


For this New Year, I have only one wish,

It can’t be bought, or laid beautifully in a dish,

It’s can’t be wrapped, or traded, boxed, or bowed

It’s something only she can do, it’s all her own workload.


I wish for her to be healthy, and healing, and full of love,

I wish for her to know she can do it, and realize what she is capable of,

I wish for her to come home, settled and calm, ready to live life again,

And that all of our love, and support and belief in her, isn’t in vain.




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