Well, if Daniel helped me corectly this should be my first blog! I will have a more detailed post later, I just want to make sure this works. This has been a little more difficult than my mind can handle-



6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. anonymous for now..... says:

    Brave unknown friend,
    Anonymous for now – I was hesitant to reply, painful thoughts to bring back up, and not knowing if my daughter would end up seeing this, and be upset. When I read this post of yours it placed me back to my misery. Every word of yours was my story. We often hear “I feel your pain” well there are no more truthful, sincere words i can think of in this second, than “I feel your pain”, and or “I lived your pain”. How can I not share a little hope with you. I have a huge compassion for addicts. I can tell you that my Daughter and your Daughter are both wonderful, beautiful, INNOCENT!!!, young ladies.
    It was a long living hell for us, but I can now say that she survived, and is living happy and well right now. And you must know we were where you are right now, not too long ago. So YES your daughter can get through this and come out the other side also – I AM 100% SURE OF IT. I started to write so much more here but decided to stop and just share this little bit (I am no writer).
    It is hard for me not to offer something, at the very least maybe someone to talk to. So have Erica aka (E-girl), read this and you can get my number from her or pm me on FB if you would like.

    Thank You for sharing this with us – Hope and Prayers – I will watch for more posts.

    Oh yes and one thing my experience has me absolutely certain of, is that, this is not yours, or your daughters fault – its heroins fault, along with that lowest form of scumbag coward piece of infected crap, that gave heroin to her.


  2. Sandy Silva says:

    that was inspiring and great this will help other parents to let them know they are not alone and JoDee will be great she has a mom who will not give up


  3. Laura says:

    Thank you for being so brave and writing about your experience. I’m so sorry that your poor beautiful daughter has to deal with this. She is fortunate to have a mother that she was able to come to and help. By writing this blog, you are going to reach out to so many families. You’ve Already reached mine…I have a 14 year old and I’m petrified everyday. Having a husband as a cop, he always says, you should never think of your child as perfect. This happens to all kinds, rich, poor, smart, beautiful…etc… It’s a horrible drug and I from what I hear, it cheap and easy to get additicted to.
    I wish you and your family all the best. I will be thinking of you and want to thank you again for writing this. It has already helped me. 💗😘


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